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Vlasta Korec

Vlasta KorecPatron of our school

Vlasta Korec is an actor and television and radio presenter. He graduated from Janacek Conservatoire in Ostrava, played at the State Theatre in Ostrava (now the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre) and later studied at Brno JAMU. He played in the National Theatre in Brno and The Mrštík Brothers´ Theatre (now the Brno City Theatre). He also performed in the Karlin Musical Theatre in Prague.

He is currently a radio presenter (radio Impuls) and plays in several productions of the Karlin Musical Theatrer and the J.K. Tyl Theatre in Pilsen. Vlasta also worked for various television programs, including Snidane s Novou, Nekonecna sance or project VyVolení.


Věra Špinarová

Věra ŠpinarováPatron of our school


Norbert Lichý

Norbert LichýPatron of our school