Hot news: 01.08.2012 - Rhetoric courses! -  Rhetoric course starts on Saturday 15.9. at 9. a.m. Rhetoric in English 22.9. at 9. a.m.

About us

Pop Academy was founded in 2011 as the first institution in the North – Moravia region which focuses on popular music and musicals. Our ambition is to continue in the tradition which has always belonged to Ostrava, the hometown of many important personalities in art life.

Our aim is to rebuild and educate the new music elite in the area of popular music for participation in auditions for theatre, musicals and other competitions. As well as prepare those for further studies at conservatories and other schools of art. Many of our graduates will later continue to work on their own projects and build a successful career, which does not necessarily have to be limited by the borders of the Czech Republic.

We have created a school which will provide the students with a complex education so that they can succeed in many areas in show business. Whether in theatre for drama or musicals, concerts, a recording studio or other stage performances. This includes not only singing preparation, but also dance and dramatic training with means of expression. Therefore we offer a wide range of courses:

Popular singing, Musicals,, Drama, Dancing and additional courses Rhetoric and Rhetoric/ Presentation for children and the young.

We have top quality teachers from CZ and abroad. They have experience not only with pedagogical work but also with long-term professional performing. All of them have language skills and therefore can provide lessons for foreign students. Our students can benefit from the international work experience of our lecturers. With our teachers experience on foreign stages, our students can get valuable preparation for their own work, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.



Drama workshops


Join our Drama workshops with great Teresa Polk. The topics are: Character Development ; What's in a line?”: Emotions 101 ; Scene Study ; Losing 'you' & Staying in Character; Over the top: How to avoid “Over-acting”; Improvisation 


Rhetoric courses!


 Rhetoric course starts on Saturday 15.9. at 9. a.m. Rhetoric in English 22.9. at 9. a.m.



You can already apply at, or via electronic application form. Further information at +420 605 770 127.

Rhetoric courses for companies


Are you a company? We will prepare a rhetoric course just according to your needs. The lecturer will come to your company at the most suitable time for you. Do not hesitate to contact us and arrange an appointment!

Registration for school year 2012/2013


27.8 - 7.9, every week day from 14:00 till 18:00, at Sokolská tř. 26, 702 00,Ostrava 1 ( above music club Parník)